Super Star Leo handed over

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Hand-over 1 week ahead of contractual delivery date

Papenburg, 25.09.1998 - On 25th September, 1998, one week ahead of the agreed delivery date, the 76,800 gt cruise vessel Super Star Leo is completely finished and will be handed over by the MEYER WERFT shipyard of Papenburg/Germany to the Asian based cruise company Star Cruises in Southampton.

Super Star Leo is the first of four cruise vessels under construction at MEYER WERFT for Star Cruises. These newbuildings will contribute to the favourable development of this young cruise company and strengthen its position as the leading Asian cruise line. Super Star Leo combines Asian-style luxurious decoration with state-of-the-art technology.

In addition to the novel design this luxury liner offers a variety of features: approximately 70 % of the cabins are outside cabins, most of them with private balconies; 1,125 crew members will provide excellent service while the highest safety and entertainment standards on board the new vessel will be guaranteed by the technically advanced diesel-electric propulsion plant, most modern interactive entertainment and communication systems and extensive stage equipment.

The "birth" of the present cruise vessel from Papenburg was watched by more than 200,000 people ­ over 105,000 people visited the shipyard over the past 12 months. More than 100,000 people witnessed the vessel´s passage up the River Ems. Super Star Leo will operate all year round offering several day cruises in the Asian archipelago. The sister vessel, Super Star Virgo, is presently under construction in the yard´s covered building dock and is scheduled to be delivered to Star Cruises in the summer of 1999.

Ship Design

Length overall 268.60 m
Length between perpendiculars 235.60 m
Breadth moulded 32.20 m
Depth to bulkhead deck 11.50 m
Depth to deck 38.80 m
Number of decks 14
Draught 7.90 m
Deadweight 6,000 t
Tonnage 76,800 gt
Total engine power 58,800 kW (4 x 14,700 kW)
Propulsive power 40,000 kW=56,000 bhp
(2 x 20,000 kW)
Speed greater than 24.00 kts
Passenger capacity (lower berths) 1,964
Officers and crew 1,125
Number of passenger cabins 982
Number of outside cabins (incl. suites) 608
Number of inside cabins 374
Seats theatre 1,000
Number of restaurants 6
Number of lifts (passenger/service) 9/9
Number of passenger pools (incl. whirlpools) 10
Total weight of paints applied 220 t
Total length of cable laid 1,978 km
Total length of pipes laid 154 km
Flag Panama
Classification The cruise vessel was
built under the survey of
the Classification Society
Det Norske Veritas to obtain
the class notation
1 A 1 "Passenger Ship" ECO.


The ship is equipped with 17 suites, 591 outside and 374 inside cabins. On Decks 9 and 10 six Theme Suites and eleven Junior Suites are arranged. Each of the Theme Suites provides a living area, a bedroom, a bathroom and a guest toilet. The bedroom and bathroom are not separated so that the passenger enjoys an unobstructed view of the whirlpool. The bathroom is finished in marble and glass mosaic and is equipped with a whirlpool, a shower, a WC and a wash-stand. The Theme Suites on deck 10 have private balconies in front and at the sides and flexible walls. The suites can be enlarged to a size of 130 m2.

The following entertainment equipment is provided:

  • interactive colour TV as well as a hi-fi system in the living room
  • interactive colour TV in the bedroom
  • interactive colour TV above the whirlpool
  • fax machine

The Junior Suites are smaller in size but also have a combined bedroom and bathroom. In addition 162 standard suites with private balconies are provided on Decks 9-11. Each two cabins, connected by a communicating door, can be extended to a standard suite with an overall size of approximately 32 m² with separate bedroom/living room. Super Star Leo has 4 cabins that are specially designed to meet the requirements of disabled persons.

Total cabins arranged on board:

Theme Suites


Junior Suites


Standard suites 162
3 berth cabins with balconies


4 berth outside cabins 217
4 berth inside cabins


Cabins for disabled persons


All passenger cabins are equipped with colour TV, telephone, safe, and individual temperature control.


Grand Lobby (Decks 7-13)
The focal point of the vessel is the 7-deck Grand Lobby. Deck 7 accommodates the reception and the Cappuccino Cafe. A double staircase leads to the exclusive shops and the adjacent Champagne Bar on Deck 8. The upper decks, which imitate house fronts, can be viewed best through the glass-walled lifts in the rear.

Magellan Restaurant (Deck 6)
The classic style restaurant seating approximately 650 guests features impressive stern windows. The large glazed back wall provides an almost unobstructed view of the ship´s wake. A total of six different restaurants as well as various bars, bistros and cafes are available on board.

Tai Pan (Deck 7)
This exclusive restaurant mainly serves Chinese dishes. The restaurant seats 102 passengers in separate private and VIP rooms.

Galaxy of the Stars (Deck 12)
During the day the room serves as an observation lounge. At night this room is transformed into a disco. The main feature of the room is the glazed dome above the dance floor which has a diameter of over 4 metres. The spacious nature of the room is achieved by the large windows and the room´s height of up to 3 metres.

Moulin Rouge (Decks 7 8)
The 2-level theatre seats approximately 1,000 passengers. The technical equipment includes a revolving stage, curtain tracks and a flying tower. Other special features include video and slide projectors, effects laser and special sound and effects lighting systems.

Maharajah´s (Deck 7)
The vessel´s Casino extends over 2 levels and is divided into 3 different areas. In the Star Club the passengers may try their luck at various gambling tables or the more than 120 one-armed bandits, whereas the Club Royal and the Admiral Club are reserved for special guests and VIPs.

Buccaneer´s Children Pool (Deck 10)
The children´s playground on board. In the aft part of deck 10, adjacent to the children´s playroom, one of the two large pool areas is situated. The focal point is the adventure pool which is integrated in a rock formation and equipped with two slides.

Beer Garden (Deck 13)
This Bavarian-style outdoor bar area is a special location as it is the only place directly overlooking the Roman spa. The area is covered by a 400 m² canopy.

Roman Spa & Fitness Centre (Deck 12)
This recreation and fitness centre includes hair and beauty salons, saunas and steam baths, a gymnasium fitted with the latest exercise equipment, and an aerobics area as well as two counter-current pools.

Roman Spa "Tivoli Pool" (Deck 12)
The focal point of the main bathing area is a 14 by 5 m swimming pool which is surrounded by 4 whirlpools and a stage. The Roman style of this area is expressed by typical features such as Roman columns and architraves finished in seawater resistant artificial stone.

Celebrity Disco (Deck 13)
The disco is arranged on the uppermost deck. The front and the side walls are fully glazed and special features include modern sound and effects lighting sytems above the dance floor which alone make it worth visiting the Celebrity Disco.


Safety Systems
The ship is divided into 7 fire zones, and complies with the rules for a 2 compartment vessel and is designed according to the latest IMO regulations. The vessel is provided with 4 tenders, 14 lifeboats and 2 rescue boats. In addition, the ship is equipped with so-called "Marine Evacuation Systems" which enable the passengers to be evacuated onto the liferafts via a chute.

Passengers and crew are catered for by more than 80 galleys, pantries and bars offering a wide choice of different meals. In addition to the bakery on Deck 4, the crew galley on Deck 5, the main galley on Deck 6 and the lido galley on Deck 12, Japanese, Chinese, French and Muslim galleys are available on board.

Approximately 35,000 lighting points (energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, incandescent lamps and fluorescent lights) are installed on board.

Telephone System
The digital telephone system provides 80 satellite and GSM channels for ship-shore/shore-ship telephone calls. All passenger cabins are fitted with digital credit card telephones.

TV System
The vessel is fitted with an interactive aerial system applying ATM technology with glass fibre and CAT5 cables. This system offers passengers a wide choice of interactive programmes (pay TV, booking shore excursions, tele-shopping etc.).

Integrated Bridge System
The vessel is fitted with the integrated navigation and command system ATLAS NACOS 45-3. This system includes all components required to ensure safe navigation even in much frequented and narrow waters. The main feature of the system is the Multi Pilot II. All radar units have high resolution colour monitors providing the navigator with advanced means of distinguishing between the different symbols used.

Radio and Satellite Communication
The communications and safety systems do not only comply with the latest Global Maritime Distress and Safety (GMDSS) regulations but exceed by far the usual international standards.

Manoeuvring Aids
For the purpose of optimum manoeuvrability the vessel is equipped with 2 fixed pitch propellers, 2 bow thrusters, 1 stern thruster and 2 spade rudders, all operated by a joy-stick.

Electric Power Supply and Propulsion
For the electric power generation 4 diesel generator sets, made by MAN B&W. Type 14 V 48/60 are installed, each developing an output of 14,700 kW at 514 rpm and driving a synchronous generator, made by ABB. For the vessel´s propulsion 2 electric motors, made by ABB, each with an output of 20,000 kW are installed. These motors transmit their power via shaft lines to the fixed pitch propellers.

Water Supply and Discharge Systems
On board the vessel up to 1,800 m3 (= 1,800,000 l) of potable water can be produced within 24 hours. The potable water supply is divided into 5 systems serving decks 2-12 each via a ring line. The hot water circuit is heated with steam. Potable water can also be taken via bunker stations from ashore.

Sewage Treatment Plant
All sewage water is collected through vacuum piping in 4 vacuum systems and treated in 4 biologically-operated sewage treatment plants.

Waste Handling System
Waste is separated into burnable and non-burnable waste, then shredded and stored in silos and from there either led to the incinerators or to a recycling plant ashore.

Air Conditioning
System The vessel is fitted with an air conditioning system suitable for worldwide operation thus guaranteeing a constant room temperature of 21 °C at outside temperatures of 0 to /- 35 °C. The 239 AC and ventilation plants on board handle a total air volume of approximately 2,500,000 m³.