Employees honoured for successful learning

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Symbolic ship propeller awarded along with training certificates

Papenburg, 16. August 2018 - The ceremonial awarding of the symbolic training propeller has taken place for the sixteenth time at MEYER WERFT. The symbolic ship propeller represents movement and drive and serves to emphasise the importance of employee training. Tim Meyer, CEO, Anna Blumenberg, member of the HR management and Nico Bloem, chairman of the works council, presented the awards to employees at the shipyard who have successfully completed a wide range of further training and education measures. At the ceremony, the trainees were also presented with their training certificates.

The good level of training and ongoing education of employees at MEYER WERFT ensures the high degree of knowledge and quality that the company needs and is indeed indispensable, in view of the constantly growing technical and economic requirements of the highly complex process of cruise ship construction.

“Well-trained employees are of enormously high value to the MEYER group. It is thanks to the combination of initial training excellence and ongoing further professional qualifications that our employees are constantly able to ensure that our family-managed company continues to survive and grow in the complex cruise ship market. We are grateful to our employees that the company has orders on hand to last it until the year 2023. They are the ones who breathe life into our corporate goals and who, as specialists in their fields, see them through to their realisation. This is why we offer them a wide range of training measures to support both their personal and professional development. We are constantly on the lookout for new specialists to strengthen our team in performing our challenging projects”, said Tim Meyer on the occasion of the award ceremony.

Training measures, bachelors and masters studies, technician and master craftsman courses and technical management training are held in association with the chambers of commerce and industry, vocational colleges, institutes of higher education, and other education providers inside and outside the region.

In recognition of their further professional education, the symbolic ship propeller has been awarded to the following employees:

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management: Jan-Helmut Franken
Bachelor of Engineering (FH) with Specialisation in Mechanical Engineering and Design: Nils Steinfelder
Bachelor of Engineering – Electrical Engineering: Henning Meyer
Office and Project Organisation Management: Sorina Bentz
Master Craftsman in Precision Mechanics: Julien Stelzl
Administrative Accountant (VHS): Miriam Meyer
Certified Purchasing Specialist: Sandra Baalmann
Certified Company Accountant: Timo Lakeberg
Certified Industrial Master in Electrical Engineering: Maik Spekker
Certified Industrial Master in Metal Craft: Bernd Büter, Thomas Lüppens, Markus Lübbers, Martin Hermanns, Michael Robben, Mirco de Groot, Frank-Klaas Meulman, Michael Hemmer
Certified Technical Business Economist: Timo Rüther
Industrial Electrical Technician: Erik Goldberg
Industrial Mechanical Technician (IHK): Christoph Eden
Master of Innovation and Technology Management Science: Stefan Konen
Master of Science in Engineering: Alexander Goldbeck
State-Examined Electrical Technician: Jan Meyer, Dennis Schepers
State-Examined Construction Technician Specialising in Technical Building Services: Viktor Wildt, Christian Buse, Tobias Friesenborg, Thomas Oltmanns, Gerd Tichelaar, Roland Dirks, Thorsten Lange, Markus Ter Veen, Marcus Kaspers, Heinz-Georg Erfeling, Derk Immenga
State-Examined Mechanical Engineering Technician Specialising in Plant Technology: Jurij Scheeerbarth, Heinrich Abheiden, Ulrich Griepenburg, Michael Heeren, Franziska Jansen

Trainees who passed their final examination in summer 2018:

Construction Mechanic for Shipbuilding: Lisa Bergfeld, Simon Kuper
Construction Mechanic for Equipment: Jan Fokken
Mechatronics Technician: Maria Nee
Technical Product Designer: Steffen Breer
Industrial Mechanic: Niklas Baumfalk
Surveying Technician: Kilian Fischer

Dual-Studies Students

Business Administration: Jan-Hendrik Speckmann
Electrical Engineering: René Kotulla, Stefan Hackmann Terhorst
Mechanical Engineering and Design: Neele Gusek, Martin Treue, Jan Schröer, Wiebke Bohse
Mechanical Engineering Computer Science: Janic Wiechmann
Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering: Annika Meyer, Jonathan Rakow