Intensive cooperation with Emden

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EMS Schiffbau supplies structural components for MEYER WERFT's new production facilities.

EMS Schiffbau GmbH supplies new steel building platforms for new production facilities at MEYER WERFT.

MEYER WERFT continues to expand the principle of continuous-flow production with the help of another regional partnership. Up to now, only the sections i.e. the decks of a ship with corresponding reinforcements, walls, supports and the entire outfitting items such as pipes, A/C channels and cable trays, are produced on a big "conveyor belt". No other shipyard takes such an innovative approach.

In Papenburg in future, the huge blocks that are made up from such sections will also be assembled on a corresponding "conveyor belt" where they then go through further outfitting. To this end, building IV is being lengthened by around 100 metres.

In future, two blocks will leave the conveyor belt each work in altogether five production cycles. Consistently optimizing production in this way with the integration of another regional supplier helps to secure the economic future of Papenburg's shipbuilders.

The order awarded to EMS Schiffbau covers the construction of altogether ten platforms each measuring 25 x 34 metres with a height of 2.8 metres and a weight of 210 tons. These platforms act as the basic surface for putting the blocks together on the assembly line. The order for the partners in Emden is valued at about 4 million Euros.

The structural components were ordered in Emden in February, and will be supplied and installed in Papenburg during May and June 2017.