About the Purchasing Department

When looking at the current subcontracting share of 75 per cent per cruise ship, it is evident how much emphasis MEYER WERFT places on good cooperation with its suppliers. The following figures are examples of average purchasing volumes per cruise ship:

Carpeting 40,000 sqmCables 2,000 km
Steel 25,000 ts Toilets 1,800 pcs
Outfitting equipment 20,000 tsPaint 220 ts
Sprinklers 9,000 pcsPipes 200 km

You want to become a MEYER WERFT supplier?

MEYER WERFT GmbH & Co. KG is currently developing a new concept to handle your applications even more sufficient. Therefore an application via our MEYER NEPTUN portal is currently not possible.
If you still want to apply, please send your application to the following e-mail address: einkauf@meyerwerft.de

The purchasing department will approach you, if needed.
Thank you for your understanding!