In November 2013 the automated processing of PDF invoices by e-mail (e-invoice) was introduced in the companies of the MEYER-NEPTUN Group which are connected to the electronic invoice processing system.

The basis of this reform is the change resulting from the Tax Simplification Act 2011, including the § 14 VAT Act, which came into effect on 1. July 2011. A fundamental point of this change in the law is the equality of invoices on paper with those sent electronically and which do not include a digital signature.

The above change now allows us to agree invoicing in PDF format with our partners. These invoices can be sent as an e-mail attachment and without a digital signature. In accordance with the new regulation, the agreement for the e-invoice must be documented with our business partners in advance which we do with our “JobRouter” workflow system and the function included in this, the “supplier agreement”. This tool generates such a supplier agreement which is sent to the supplier’s e-mail address which is provided in the system. The supplier returns the completed response direct as answer to our e-mail for the JobRouter to sort out and forward for further processing to the “Supplier agreement”. Here the supplier’s e-mail sender address is saved and the agreement procedure completed.

From then on, the supplier is able to send us invoices in PDF format by e-mail to the agreed invoice address. The e-mail inbox is sorted by the JobRouter which checks whether there is a supplier agreement for the sender. If this is the case, the invoice is forwarded to the next stage of the electronic invoice processing system.

As a supplier, if you want to send invoices to one of the MEYER-NEPTUN companies, please send an e-mail with the following information to info.invoice@meyerwerft.de :

  • Which MEYER-NEPTUN company you wish to invoice by email
  • Your company name
  • Your complete company address
  • VAT No.
  • Bank account details (IBAN + BIC)
  • Your e-mail address for invoicing (severel contacts can be entered here)
  • Name of the contact person for further enquiries