Human Being at the Core

In order to achieve ambitious goals together, MEYER WERFT has been focusing on solidarity and togetherness for over 200 years. Therefore values like humanity, cooperation and solidarity are of utmost importance for us as an employer. We have stated these values in our company principles many years ago, because we want our employees to approach their tasks in a committed and motivated way and want them to implement and further develop their ideas.

A company can only be successful in the long term, if the staff identifies with the company. We have recognized this and are providing our employees with an orientation framework, due to our company principles and goals. Because a company without goals is like a ship without a compass.

We clearly demonstrate what goals be want to achieve. Thereby it is very important to us that all employees are involved enthusiastically and are having fun when goals and visions are achieved and implemented. Appreciation and recognition for the work are just as important as quality and performance. In order to continue to successfully construct cruise ships for worldwide customers, MEYER WERFT always tries to support the employees’ initiative and motivation.

Do you want to know what goals we are pursuing and you want to contribute achieving them? Come aboard and become an employee at MEYER WERFT.