1, 2, 3... You Are in!

1. Please smile!
A photo is part of your application. This is the first picture that we will see. You surely want to look great on it?

2. No Errorss Allowead!
You are not at class with us and we are no German teachers. In fact, we don’t want to be that at all. But: We do expect good reading and writing proficiencies, which is also of great importance for your future professional life. Therefore: Please read and view your application a couple of times, let your parents, siblings or friends take a look at it before turning it in.

3. Well packed!
If you are sending your application via mail, please pay attention to a bit of elegancy. We don’t want a gift box, but the application should be in a folder. The pages should be properly filed and there should not be any kinks or coffee-, chocolate- or other stains on it.

4. Who am I, what do I want, what am I capable of?
Your application does not have to be long. But there should be some sentences about you in the covering letter. Just think about why you want to start working for us and why we should take you in. Private interests, hobbies etc. round off your application.

5. Numbers, please!
But please, correctly: if you are describing your curriculum vitae, what you did when exactly, then FIRSTLY everything should be correct and SECONDLY everything should be in logical order. Most of the times, we are talking ‘only’ about careless mistakes. Nevertheless, we really don’t appreciate that.