The Alternative to "either - or"

Should I acquire a practical basis by vocational training for my job before I study? Or is a study sufficient? Will I be interested at all in a study after I finished an apprenticeship? Can I successfully master a study without practical foundation? Being fit in a practical and theoretical way is pretty nice, but do I really want to wait such a long time for entering my dream job? Is it worth it at all?

Entering a profession is a difficult and at the same time important step for young people. MEYER WERFT knows this and therefore offers students a good alternative to „either - or“.

Theory and practice linked in an ideal way
The MEYER WERFT Academy offers young people the opportunity to study in the framework of a dual study program and at the same time work in a practical way. The interdisciplinary study offers an ideal linking between theory and practice. Students will achieve a Bachelor Degree in 4,5 years tops, including a craft certificate.

Good to know
A prerequisite for the interdisciplinary study is the Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur) or Fachhochschulreife. First, it is necessary to apply at the MEYER WERFT Academy for the interdisciplinary study program. In case of a successful application and entry into a study-contract with the MEYER WERFT Academy, the enrolment with the respective university/university of applied sciences follows.

At one glance
We are currently working together with five universities/universities of applied sciences within the framework of this study program and are offering different courses of studies.

9 Semesters - 2 Certifications
In the following you will find the order of study, which slightly varies for the different courses of study:

1. SemesterOn-the-Job Training
2. SemesterOn-the-Job Training
Skilled Workers’ Exam Part 1
3. - 6. SemesterStudy
7. SemesterOn-the-Job Training/Practical Semester
Skilled Workers’ Exam Part 2
8. SemesterStudy
9. SemesterBachelor thesis about an operational topic

Students of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering-Computer Science will only be at the shipyard in the beginning of their studies for half a year and will start their courses on March 1st. Business Administration is done in blocks at the University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie) and at the shipyard. During the semester-break, meaning February/March and July/September, students of dual studies will work at the shipyard.

Applications for dual studies