Students as Engineers and Inventors

Special experiments, selected models and an inspiring atmosphere with a guaranteed fun- and experience factor are characteristic for MEYER WERFT’s new, about 100 square meters-big „Floating Classroom“. Teachers and students can experience exiting programs between November and March right next to an impressive cruise ship.

In cooperation with MEYER WERFT, the Papenburg Marketing GmbH for the first time offers three programs for school classes about the topics shipbuilding, cruise destinations and the question „Why does a ship float?“. The offer is directed at students in grades 1 to 5 and includes a 50-minute long practical phase within the „Floating Classroom“ in addition to a one-hour shipyard tour. The star attraction: The program is completely supervised by a pedagogically trained staff member. Various experiment stations such as a current pool or a dock with controls are helping to deliver educational content in an exciting and practical way.

It is the aim to encourage interest in science and technology, to show outlines of professions and to make their meaning within society perceivable. You can experience all this at MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, one of the most authentic, extracurricular learning sites of the world.

Registration in advance is required.
A fee of 6,50 € per person is charged for this program (number of participants: 15- 30 students).


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